Vacation on the Moon


My room is filthy and my bed is unmade. I’ve given myself 15 lashes and not done a damn thing about the mess.

            This shirt was a first for me- the first time I have ever completed a pattern a second time. I used BurdaStyle’s Hawaiian Shirt pattern in a European size 48. The first time around, I worried that it would dwarf my tall-and-skinny manfriend, the intended recipient, based off of his measurements alone. I had never sewn for a man before, but I learned that they are generally used to a good deal more ease in garments than us gal-folk who’ve grown used to showing off our curves. Both the original Dinosaur Shirt (pictures to come!) and the above Space Shirt are made of standard quilting cotton. 


I swear the back band isn’t actually crooked. In the absence of the intended torso, my self-made body-double dressform (with boobs, a large backside, and wonky shoulders) is filling in.

    The pattern sewed up with no problems, even though it was my first experience with collars. A point of frustration was Burda’s infamous lack of included seam allowance. It’s a print-at-home pattern. Let me waste my toner on some seam allowances, please! The only other comment on the pattern is that the collar stand/ collar attachment described in the instructions is kind of mental and produces inferior results to this method from Sew, Mama, Sew. I would love to try this in a much more lightweight printed cotton or linen. However, silly novelty prints speak to both myself and my manfriend, and quilters certainly have a monopoly on those. Silly apparel prints, especially in knits, tend toward the infantile. 


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