Why Sewing?

    I’ve been sewing since I was a kid. My mother taught me, along with a room full of 4-H ladies with a million opinions. I think my first real project was a sky blue cloud print mini-skirt with sparkles. SPARKLES. It still exists somewhere in my mother’s attic. It was horrific, but it would be the first of many more crimes against fashion I would create and perpetuate in the early 2000s. 



Only recently has sewing become something I do thoughtfully. It’s a skill I want to develop not only because it is rare but because I want to reclaim the personality in my clothing and the humanity in what I purchase. 

  1. Sewing is a creative outlet that produces something useful. The product is valuable because it is unique and because it is a useful good. (Unlike the embroidery I am also obsessed with. Shh.)
  2. Sewing allows one (with reclaimed fabric, two) more degree of control over the manner in which the goods I am purchasing are produced. 
  3. At home sewists can focus on creating quality, timeless garments that last far longer than one season and ultimately consume less.
  4. Sewing is engineering with fabric! I think because at-home sewing has always been female-dominated, it’s assumed to be easy. But, as Feynman discovered, there can be quite a lot of math. 
  5. Sewing is cool. Image



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